Marc White is Ready To ‘Rise’

Marc White

The song “Rise” is the first single from a debut album that listeners won’t soon forget. Parallel Life by Marc White is shaping up to be one of those seminal first albums that are tantamount to a vast release as a musical voice long restrained erupts with artistic force and clarity seldom heard from even longtime performers. His time as a salesman posed no impediment to the evolution of his performing and songwriting skills; “Rise” totally sounds like the product of a musical artist who works daily at their craft in some form.


He’s a natural talent who has chased after musical fortune since first playing the recorder at eight years old and has evolved, no matter whatever misfortunes were thrown his way, into a first-rate talent with freshness and intimacy that few other performers can rival. “Rise” is an invigorating, inspired debut single and gets White’s recording career off to a rousing start.


Marc White has tremendous vocal charisma. There’s an instant level of likability to his performing persona that never seems forced and comes across with a naturalness that we’d ordinarily ascribe to veteran recording artists. We can definitely attribute much of that to the presence of producer Jeff Grenier’s ability to shepherd White’s performances but, ultimately, it all begins with the singer’s innate talents as a vocalist and songwriter.


His instincts, furthermore, are top notch. He knows when to push the song’s issues, when to back off, and how to balance his voice against the instrumentation in a tension-inducing way that’s, nevertheless, sympathetic. It’s interesting to hear how effortless the song sounds while understanding that this sort of feeling is only achieved by chemistry and a ton of hard work between performer and producer. Few artists, on their own or in tandem, can boast presenting such a unified musical experience and his singing charisma and phrasing talents provide some sparkling icing for this musical cake.

Marc White Is Unique Enough To Draw Your Attention



The guitars are particularly well suited to White’s singing. The electric has a few light effects applied to its sound, but never a distracting level, and the acoustic guitar occupying a lower spot in the mix beefs up the sound without ever drawing too much attention to itself. Every musical component is presented with a moderate touch, mindful of maintaining a pleasing balance, and underscores the steady melodic uplift of the material.


There’s a streamlined quality to the song, as a whole, that’s more common to songs we’d hear from longtime recording artists instead of near middle aged performers making their recording debut. An important part of Marc White’s story is how he never allowed life’s practical demands to compromise his dreams and passions; it’s obvious he was working on his music in the years before this song and album. The abiding faith in himself has paid off bigger than he could have likely ever imagined. “Rise” is an excellent way to kick off this album’s run and will surely kick open the door to Marc White’s future.




Lance Wright