Public Access TV Gets ‘Lost in the Game’ with New Single

Public Access TV

Public Access TV’s “Lost in the Game” is a celebration of guitar and the dance spirit of the ’80s. Though it was released this month, the single can easily fit into a throwback playlist full of brat pack-esque hits.Calling all new wave rock fans: this one is for you.

Back to the Vibe of Classic Rock with Public Access TV

A beautiful sound of alt rock that is nothing but absolute pleasure serves as the riff of “Lost in the Game”. A loveable beat that keeps time in all the right places. Even with such an eclectic synth sound of the past, there’s a fresh new wave perspective on the single.

The psych rock fun pulls through from beginning to end, never being too complicated. The four piece knows how to use electric guitar to their advantage, and the clear voice of the vocalist dances along the lyrics. “Lost in the Game” features a tone of sunshine and carelessness, reflecting the lyrics. The hook “So what? Who cares? Goodbye,” is the repeated theme. It’ll be stuck in your head for ages, but the sound is so infectious that you won’t be annoyed. The constant beat of the drum is smile-inducing, an instant mood changer. It’s clear that Public Access TV is set to impress with their sophomore release, Street Safari.

The Classics Getting Their Fresh Revival

Though everything about the composure of “Lost in the Game” is incredibly mature, the band expresses that maybe maturity isn’t the best descriptor of Street Safari. Like most, the single is an exploration of life and coming into your own. This comes through in the vivid narration of the song. The story to be reflected is about trying to sort out how to feel. So on top of being an absolute hit in terms of music, it’s easy to relate to.

That’s the new wave shine Public Access TV brings to their classic sound, and in terms of if it works or not, “Lost in the Game” is the proof.

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