PawnShop Kings Ask You to ‘Give Love’

PawnShop kings

The PawnShop Kings are back with their new EP Give Love, Vol 2. As soon as you press play, “Fare Thee Well” instantly introduces us to stunning vocals by the brothers Scott and Joel Owen. This song has a country-folk feel that would not be out of place on the soundtrack of O Brother, Where Art Thou?. This song flows beautifully and gives the EP a highly impressive start.

With a stronger country influence, “Life is for Living” shows that they can take the tempo up a little to get your foot tapping along. This is followed up by “Fold the Laundry,” which slows things down with another delicate track. Again, the vocals stand out on both songs. However, it also highlights the brothers’ way with words. You have to respect how they create lyrics with depth and still make the story flow with ease.

“In My Heart Now” and “Outside Memphis” show what happens when artists connect with their songs. The emotional tone shows that these songwriters have a belief in what they create. The music fits the mood well but yet again, their vocals produce the magic.

The EP ends with “Don’t Deserve Heav’n”. This song, with its stripped back arrangement, showcases to perfection what the PawnShop Kings are all about. The gentle guitars add a subtle soundtrack and bring the spotlight to the vocal talents that these brothers possess. Listening to Scott and Joel’s voices do their own thing while also harmonizing is a wonderful experience. It not only shows their impressive range and control but that they have a great understanding of each other’s talents.

PawnShop Kings Give Love When They Sing

Throughout their various releases, including PSk and Give Love, Vol 1, these guys have continued to create music to a high standard. Their new EP is no exception. If you want something with soulful vocals and infectious lyrics, then the PawnShop Kings are for you.