Markoff-Lazzara are ready to ‘Collide’


Our favorite flutists are at it again. The duo of  Steve Markoff and Patricia Lazzara have big plans for this year and are off to a roaring start. Hopefully you recall our feature of their elegant version of the aHa classic “Take On Me” from last month. (Read it HERE). Never sitting on their laurels, the pair is back with another beautiful cover to keep us wanting more.

Just to catch you up if you have not been on this Markoff-Lazzara train yet, the musical project is something of a fateful connection. Steve Markoff wanted to devote more of his time to music so he started taking flute lessons from Patricia Lazzara about 8 years ago. A musical spark evolved and they realized the joy they had in playing great sounding songs together. The project was born.

The newest addition to the Markoff-Lazzara catalog is the song “Collide” released yesterday, February 21st. Originally written by Howie Day, many of you will be familiar with the song as it was everywhere in the late 2000s. This new Flute and piano focused version by Markoff and Lazzara captures the same emotions as the original. A pretty piano lays down the melody elegantly as the flutes play the vocal lines in their own effervescent style. The highs are there to lift up our spirits just liek the original. A beautiful song made beautiful again.

Prepare yourself for plenty more as well. This is only the third installment of the Markoff-Lazzara upcoming album By Request scheduled for release on June 21, 2022. It has been quite a journey and looks like it will continue to be a graceful one as more music is released. 

Keep tabs on the Markoff-Lazzara duo HERE.

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