Dusty The Kid Debuts ‘Days of Love & Rage’

Hope is a word that has been a universal feeling for centuries. Whether it is hope for change, hope for a better future, or hope for an “endemic” (in present time), everyone has shared this feeling. With hope on the rise, Dusty The Kid is debuting his album Days of Love & Rage, all about the feeling of hope. 

Dusty The Kid is a folk singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based out of Western Montana. His music encompasses all the elements of that classic Folk/Americana sound that instantly transports you from the railroad tracks to the mountains and back. 

Dusty The Kid’s debut album Days of Love & Rage, takes you on a journey through two common themes of Folk songs: struggle and hope. All 11 songs are a revival of the revolutionary roots that have been passed down by generations of Folk musicians. 

Listen to Days of Rage Here:

One of my favorite things about Folk music aside from the instrumentation, is the storytelling. The heart, soul, and connection that is shared between the artist and the listener is something that I really value. Dusty The Kid does an amazing job of storytelling throughout Days of Love & Rage. 

“Days of Love & Rage” is my attempt to share not only the stories of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met, but also to share a feeling of hope. Hope in change, hope in resilience, hope in knowing that there’s a whole lot of struggle going on all over the place and that means you’re never alone in yours, be it political or mental or emotional or whatever. Most of these songs were written over the spring and summer of 2020. That meant losing our jobs, losing our gigs, trying to get by on stimulus checks, facing off against right wing militias at protests. I, and I think all of us, really needed some reassurance and some strength, and I found it in looking at the struggle of those who came before us who were fighting for the same things we still fight for”, says Dusty The Kid. 

While every song on Days of Love & Rage has its own unique story, they all share one thing: the feeling of hope. I thoroughly enjoyed each song off the album, but three standout tracks for me are “Raise The Banner”, “The Traveler’s Warning”, and “Sea Song.”

Between Dusty The Kid’s multi-instrumentation, vocals, and storytelling, Days of Love & Rage is a fantastic debut album and I am excited to see where his musical journey takes him next!

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