Money Coach Says “No Thank You”

In an age of yes-men, Money Coach has an important message to deliver in his new single and music video “No Thank You,” and it starts with the plaintive fact that he isn’t willing to abide by the standard set by artists beneath his pedigree. Money Coach comes into the verse especially hard at the onset of this track and doesn’t let up on the beat for anything, eventually slashing through the bassline just for the sake of opening up more catharsis on the other side of the hook. It’s raw, indulgent, and more than anything else, “No Thank You” is a statement on who this talented artist is. 

The music video shows us from the jump that while Money Coach is surrounded by plenty of external decadence in his life, he’s always set on his own, and to a large degree, I think this visual narrative is an extension of the premise for the composition itself. With no featured rappers or singers on the hook, this artist is truly riding solo for the duration of “No Thank You,” perhaps sounding more efficient and straightforward because there’s really no one to get in his way. 

Watch the video for “No Thank You” below

Money Coach owns these verses without ever having to lean on the hook, and although he didn’t need to be quite as intense on the titular line, his aggressive attitude is a big part of the reason why I think the beat sways as hard and fiercely as it does. He’s definitely on the methodical side of the artistic spectrum, and considering how few of his rivals have been as detail-oriented as he is in this particular performance, I believe he’s going to gain a lot of momentum with audiences feeling a little underwhelmed by what 2022’s mainstream hip-hop beat has produced thus far. 

I wasn’t very familiar with who Money Coach was before coming across his latest work, but now that I’ve got a good idea about his aesthetics via this new single, I’m planning on keeping a close eye out for more of his music in the future. There’s undisputedly more potential worth exploiting in him, and where a lot of rappers of his caliber would be focusing on collaborations almost exclusively, he seems to have a good handle on what he wants to do without anyone’s influence. All in all, I think Money Coach and “No Thank You” are unmissable features of an intriguing February for the hip-hop community. 

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