The electronic music scene has been growing at a tremendous rate in the last decade.  The ease of building a home studio has opened up the playing field to tons of artists that sit at a computer and churn out tracks.  This has diluted the online music scene with many subpar musicians able to release their product to the public.  The true test for a truly talented electronic artist is getting out in front of a live audience and performing live.  Our recent find Matsu-Mixu has mastered that art.


The two piece electronic band hails from Houston, Texas.  They produce and master all their music locally as well.  The unique Matsu-Mixu sound is dancey yet seductive as they mix house beats with an emphasis on sampling.  It seems that each live show is different as they include heavy manipulation of vocals, synthesizers, and samples to make for a full and memorable experience for the crowd.

The group recently released the 4 song DEMOS EP.  It is an experimental listen from top to bottom.  The opener “Creeps” begins with a minimalistic spacey beat that adds more and more sounds to the party until there is an all out exotic rain of noise washing all over you.  On “Sandcastle Ride” we get to hear some of the vocal manipulation along with the beat making it a more club ready house track.  Matsu-Mixu closes the record with “The Fried Chicken Dossier”, a haunting and almost eerie song mixed with sounds to truly warp your mind.  Once you enter their world there is no easy escape.  Tread lightly as you enter at:

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