Maurya Sevak Makes You “See It”

Maurya Sevak isn’t looking to simply bring us a sweet groove in his new single “See It” this January, but instead to capture a raw energy often found on the dancefloor alone inside of a song. From the moment we press the play button on this track and its visually enrapturing music video, it’s evident that texture is to be as great a role-player as tone is – if not more so. From the imposing percussive thunder beneath the synths to the subtle growl of the bassline as a distant lyrical output fades in and out of obscurity, “See It” is a single that does everything a good EDM number should. 

Even without the lyrics, I think the narrative here is a little hard to evade given how emotionally charged the melodic elements atop the groove are. While the rhythm is creating a chokehold around any fledging harmony, it’s also facilitating a lot of adrenaline that would have been inhibited – if not outright obstructed – with a more prominent vocal track in the master mix.

Watch the video for “See It” below

This is thoughtful producing for sure, but it’s also an artistic statement about what Sevak values (and I can say with great certainty that fitting in with the mainstream model isn’t it). 

“See It” is compellingly texture-driven and very melodically provocative in the right departments, but it’s also not the most arrogant look that this artist could have shared with us at this stage of his young but already quite exciting career. He’s considered by many to be a beat prodigy, but he’s taking a rather humble approach when it comes to making something inherently indulgent in “See It,” which indicates to me that he’s not losing his edge for anything right now. Maurya Sevak is on his way to primetime, and this is quite obvious just when listening to these amazing new grooves. 

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