Mayve Lets Us Dream Along With Them


Music is a constantly developing and often cyclical thing.  Being part of a band that writes songs together allows past influences and future ideas from a diverse blend of minds to meld together into something completely original.  This becomes even easier when bandmates become real friends and allow ideas to flow freely in the songwriting process without any fear of embarrassment.  The results of this style of friendship-songwriting can be found in the music of recent discovery Mayve.

The five piece group hails from the NYC suburbs of Long Island.  Together Mayve creates an indie pop sound that is soft, fluffy and mesmerizing.  The dynamic combination of infectious synth hooks, ambient guitar riffs, and dark pop grooves , paired with sultry and thoughtful vocals makes for something that takes the listener to a place of comfort away from the sharp edges of the real world.  

Longtime friends and core members of Mayve, lyricist Nick Micheline, lead guitarist Mike Gusman and drummer Joe Rene, have been bouncing ideas off each other for years.  This past year, keyboardist Kyle Murphy and bassist Matt Emma were added to the mix to take the band to the next level and really fill out the Mayve sound.

The latest result of the Mayve experimentation is the Motion EP.  The 7 track record shows a real growth from their last EP Animals in creating lush soundscapes that fill the speakers completely.  The opener “You” sets the tone immediately with its soulful, dreamy aesthetic and rich eclectic textures.  The dream pop influence of The 1975 is very evident here.

“We want our sound to live in the divide between light and dark,” says Nick. “The guys and I have been through a lot this past year. Motion is about a series of events that spiraled us into the band we are now.”

The dreamscape continues on “1924” but adds an R&B flavor with a quicker tempo.  There is still a dark vibe creeping underneath in the interesting keyboard sounds and effects.  Imagery and multiple sonic directions are a key to the Mayve experience.  



The most pop-friendly tune of the EP may be “Cruel Intentions”.  The energy is uplifting with jangly guitars building over each other and Nick’s vocals reaching new heights.  The speed of the track gets the blood pumping through the relatively short under 3 minute track.  The album closes on a very different direction with the title track “Motion”.  The slower tempo lets the song wash over you like a warm blanket when you just want to curl up in the corner.  The emotional journey is felt in both the lyrics and haunting soundscape Mayve creates.  

We have discovered a band here that is on the cusp of greatness if they can get into more ears in the current dream pop music scene.  Share the wealth of sound and follow Mayve on this trek on their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK.

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