MELØ Helps Us Find The ‘Things We Lost’


When music takes hold of you, there is no turning back. This goes for both listening and creating. Even if life hands you twists and turns, if you are meant to share music with the world, it will eventually happen. The muse has had its hooks on our friend MELØ for quite a long time. Now the music is flowing and there is no stopping him.

For the unique genre-bending  artist, music has been a power within him since his youth. MELØ grew up constantly listening to music. Headphones on soaking in the sounds. Whether it be punk or techno or anything in between, all music had an influence on him. Growing up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and spending a lot of time across the border in Detroit, Michigan, USA provided plenty of musical inspiration.

Unfortunately, music had to take a back seat to “normal” daily life for MELØ as the years passed. The lure of sharing his music always remained though.  It was the advice of a close friend listening to his earliest material that finally encouraged MELØ to stop hiding his talents from the world, and pursue his lifelong dream. We covered his previous track “Black Leather Fantasy’ but now he is back with more.

The latest offering by MELØ is his brand new record Things We Lost. The 4 track EP is the perfect introduction to his Retro-Futuristic Indie-Pop style. Opening with the title track “Things We Lost” we start off slow with a mellow flow that lets us ease into the MELØ world.

The synthwave takes over on “Mysteria” as a steady beat drives the track forward. Lyrics are delivered with a smooth passion that draws the listener in for a closer look. Top notch production places each sound in exactly the right spot to create a beautiful tapestry of sound. Throw in a visually stunning music video to add to the fire. This one will stay with you for a while. 

Get sucked into “Mysteria” with MELØ Here:

The retro-future sound continues on “XEX.” The combination of a mesmerizing bass guitar and sultry vocals that sit right in the pocket create something that you can not turn away from. The song weaves its way deep into your psyche. The album closes with “Drowning” to let you ease that mind before getting back to your daily life. Did you just listen to the past or the future? That is what will keep you coming back to hear more.

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