MELØ Lets Us Into His ‘Black Leather Fantasy’


The current state of mainstream music is a garbled mess. Song after song is just a retread of another song. For an artist to make a difference and have some lasting power they must do something different. Our recent find MELØ is doing just that with his unique sound and impressive music videos.

Being raised in the streets of South Detroit had an immeasurable influence on the rising artist. The music scene dichotomy of techno and punk allowed MELØ to absorb it all to find his own unique sound. Using this hybrid technique, he has created something that blends strong retro vibes with modern enhancements of today. A mesh of retro-futurism and indie pop taken to the next level.

After years of keeping his music to himself, MELØ has burst onto the scene with intention. The success of his debut “Mysteria” only strengthened his resolve. Now based in Canada, he continues his drive with his newest release “Black Leather Fantasy.”

Unafraid to create shock and awe, MELØ attacks both sonically and visually with a stunning music video to accompany the track. The dark and sensual song grabs attention right away with an electro drum beat meshed with a synth fueled melody. His sultry vocal delivery furthers the dark tone. The listener gets absorbed into the sound as it comes from all angles to envelop you. The video pairs perfectly with its low light and sexy vibe. It will keep you guessing where it will take you until the final fade out.

Keep up with the rising star that is MELØ HERE.

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