Zolita Is “Single In September”

Zolita releases “Single In September” an alt-pop track that parodies a high school rom-com. This track was released alongside a music video directed by Zolita. This track is the second story in a trilogy of music videos, with the first being her recent hit single “Somebody I F*cked Once”. “Single In September” blurs the lines in between music and movie as it tells a story that turns classic teen romance tropes on their head.

Zolita has garnered interest with her distinct and imaginative style. A singer, songwriter, as well as a filmmaker, she directs all of her own ambitious and conceptually driven music videos. As a queer artist, Zolita provides representation to many by presenting her lived experiences and perspective on love in an honest and unabashed manner. Zolita also presents her music with a dramatic manner and an artistic flair.

Listen To “Single In September” Here

“Single In September” is an exciting anthem that is a mix of modern sound and 90s nostalgia. This song fits in an alt-pop space, complete with guitars, catchy vocals, and a stadium-size drum beat that gives the track energy. The song spans from longing vocals washed out in reverb in the verse, to explosive energy in the chorus.

The music video tells the story of a chaotic romance. A big-screen movie’s drama and excitement, “Single In September” tells a cinematic story. The video is artistic and full of color and Zolitas signature style, contrasting bright pinks with darker shades that mirror the highs and lows of a relationship that ultimately comes to an end.

If you like “Single In September” check out some of Zolita’s previous work. If you haven’t already, check out her previous hit single “Somebody I F*cked Once”. Be sure to follow Zolita and watch out for the third installment in this series of music videos.

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