Gorilla Apocalypse is set to ‘Blow Your Mind’

Gorilla Apocalypse

One of the best ways to expand your musical prowess is through collaboration. Experimenting and exploring brings things together that no one musician could do on their own accord. This fact has been proven again by the new project known as Gorilla Apocalypse.

The original idea came together when Blue Collar Records was formed in 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Singer-songwriter IZ.M.B joined forces with beat producer Grizz La Flare and lyricist Gary “GB” Bernard. Together as Gorilla Apocalypse, they create a vibey cocktail of sound that’s both perfect for the dance floor as well as enjoying by the pool. An urban alt rock anomaly perfect for the start of our first summer past a pandemic.

In late June, Gorilla Apocalypse is set to release their debut EP Blow Your Mind. The 7 track album is a complex mix of songs about love, relationships, and independence. The opening lead single “Tornado” sets the tone with a wide variety of sounds and influences coming together to create an alt-pop song ready for primetime.  

Enter the ‘Tornado’ with Gorilla Apocalypse

The big beat of “Queen of The Andes” melds with some deeper lyrics to offer a power anthem of independence. A rather exotic melody creeps deeply into your mind causing your head to bop to a different beat. Some real depth is shown by Gorilla Apocalypse on “Rain”. The previous peppy pop electro sound is traded for a darker vibe. There is true emotion in the lyrics and their delivery as an atmospheric backdrop of sound paints a beautiful and relaxing scene. 

The EP closer “Love Lives On” is the perfect ending to a record full of stories. There is an offer of hope for all of us to latch on to. The alternate male vocal gives us the switch we need to see that there is a wide array of what is possible from Gorilla Apocalypse. We are excited to see what is to come.

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