Take A ‘Memory Trip’ With Space Engineer

Space Engineer is releasing their first album Memory Trip out on all platforms. Space Engineer is the “alter ego” of Sydney-based singer and songwriter Terry Lyndon, where he is able to write “melancholic yet uplifting pop songs for the modern condition.”

The opening track “How Everything Works” creates an interesting vibe. It’s not quite upbeat, but not moody or somber enough to be an intimate ballad. I feel like it sat somewhere between an uplifting indie ballad if that exists? 

The next song “If I Knew What I Mean” shows that they are able to connect with their listeners on a more personal level as they explore feelings that are well understood by a lot of people. While I love the connection forged from their lyrical story, I still felt like there was something missing. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about the song doesn’t do it for me. It feels like there’s a vital piece that’s missing to drive the song home, but I just can’t figure out exactly what it is. 

You can listen to Memory Trip below

“She Is The Sun” is another song where they mess with the norms of traditional love songs. It’s not an all out love song, but the concept is sweet and interesting. Things start to pick up a bit with their next song “ About You.” There’s a difference in energy that was not present in the other songs and the melodic structure of this song stayed very consistent from beginning to end, which made this a good track to listen to. 

Their next song “Worry About You” is another song that I really enjoyed listening to, especially with the smooth guitar-picking solo in the middle of the song. With all that being said, the dynamics of the song never changed. We never experienced anything emotionally different because all of the elements sat in the same area volume and tone-wise. Unfortunately, there were no dynamic changes to highlight certain sections of the song, which is so important to bring the listener to a sense of fulfillment, and while this song put forth a lot more layers than the rest of the songs, the energy of the song never changed. 

The closing track “Neon” was a sweet sentiment to whomever the song is about or dedicated to. There’s a cool psychedelic side that resurfaces in this song which I think helped bring the album full circle. 

Be sure to follow Space Engineer and his music journey, and if these songs interest you, find the album Memory Trip here on Spotify!

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