Scott Smith Shares ‘$100 Bill’ in ‘Small Town USA’

If you only listen to mainstream radio nowadays it seems like the influence of classic rock is gone. The music that helped launch 1000s of bands gave way to a pop sound filled with computers and synthesized sounds. If you dig deep though there are still plenty of independent artists holding onto the classic rock sound and keeping it fresh. A great example is the music of Scott Smith.

The Northern California songwriter has been developing his own sound for the past decade. Scott Smith at the heart is an Americana Rocker but has added in elements of country, blues, and folk. In 2015 he released his debut album The Sum of Life. Since then Scott Smith has been hard at work writing songs with some of California’s most prominent musicians in anticipation of another full length LP. 

Till then Scott Smith has been releasing double-singles to keep his music out in the world. His latest release is the interesting pair “Got a Hundred Dollar Bill” and “Small Town USA.”

There is a fun bluesy vibe to “Small Town USA” but something different is bubbling under the surface. A laid back beat pushes the song forward which Scott says was inspired by the rash of school shootings across the country in recent years. Some smooth guitar fills add another layer to the playful track.

The fun remains on “Got a Hundred Dollar Bill” but the tone is quite different. Here we get an energetic fast paced garage rock track. The bassline sets up a solid groove that will get your head bopping along. The carefree days of the teenage summers can be felt as Scott Smith pours out his vocals. There is a great classic rock guitar solo here as well. The energy is intoxicating.

Find more music by Scott Smith and keep an eye out for an upcoming album on SOUNDCLOUD.

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