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For an artist, their music should always be an evolving organism. When it gets stagnant the creative flow dies. Our recent find RATINOFF has been making music for quite a while and seems to keep experimenting with new flavors. His latest single/video “Light Me Up” is proof of that.

We caught up with the multitalented artist for a chat about his growth and new music. Enjoy the interview:

First off, with all the wild monikers in music today what made you decide to stick with RATINOFF?

Ratinoff –  The reason why I decided to stick with my last name was because it felt right doing so. My last name is more than just a last name. It gives validation to the person that I am, and it has given me purpose and direction. Ratinoff is me, and Ratinoff is my voice as well. 

How would you describe your sound?

Ratinoff – My sound is a blend of all of the genres that I grew up listening to, all put into one. It’s a hybrid of all the sounds that I hear in my head. The result that comes out of that idea, are the songs.

Which bands/artists have had the biggest influence on RATINOFF?

Ratinoff – To name a few…The Doors, U2, Joy Division, The Cure, amongst others.

Your music has changed drastically over the years. What prompted the switch?

Ratinoff –  I feel like that happens without really planning it…If I had to look back and guess what motivated it, I would say it was the need to do something new. I love the idea of breaking what you already know, and step into the unknown, and remove the safety net, where you know that things could go either very bad, or very good. I always feel that when you try something new, no matter what the outcome is, it will make you grow.

What is the inspiration for your songwriting?

Ratinoff –  The inspiration for writing songs (to me) comes from the need to create something new. Sometimes, it’s a melodic idea you hear in your head, or sometimes even hearing a chord progression, and feeling that something is happening. I think they call it ‘’magic moments’’. I see it as putting in the work. There is no other way around it, I think.

What can you tell us about your new single “Light Me Up”?

Ratinoff – ‘’Light me Up’’ came out of months of feeling trapped in one same place. The need to scream, to release, and in a way feel emancipated. I remember that when I was recording the song, I could feel like I had everything bottled up, and the moment I was singing ‘’Light me up’’, it’s almost like I was screaming it. It was such an addicting feeling.

The music video is amazing. How did that come to be?

Ratinoff –  The video concept came out from my Video Director Jen Rosenstein. I remember walking into the set and all of the walls had these extreme colors, and the lights were very bright, and flashy. It was almost like getting lost in a canvas. It was great to hear the music blast and the colors dictating the visuals of the video as well.

What does the future hold for RATINOFF?

Ratinoff –  We plan to keep promoting the songs, for the upcoming release of my album that is coming this fall. I really can’t wait until I start touring, and singing in front of the crowd, but one thing at a time.

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