Garth Adam Wants You To Hear ‘Say You’ll Come With Me’

Garth Adam

There will always be something special about older analog recording. As music recording technology has advanced, amazing things are now possible. BUT much of the magic of creating songs has been lost along the way. Our recent find Garth Adam sticks to using the older gear to recapture some of that missing magic.

The singer and songwriter based in Australia has been extremely prolific with his songwriting over the past few years. One the muse hits you must set the songs free. That is exactly what Garth Adam is doing. One of the most inspiring things for him is bringing back the sound of the landmark albums of the 1970’s. Hooking up with producer Melvin Tree has helped make this possible. At his studio in Perth Western Australia, 90% of the equipment was made before 1975. The warmth of this vintage gear can be felt in the recording of each song. 

Last month Garth Adam released his latest EP Say You’ll Come With Me recorded at Melvin Tree’s studio. The mastering was done by Kathy Naunton at Db Mastering Camperdown Sydney to add even more flavour to the mix. 

The album starts off with the title track “Say You’ll Come With Me.” A mellow and heartwarming song with a Folk feel to it. The smooth sounds warm the room. Beautiful backing vocals from Lisa and Keely O’Brien add another layer to the cozy vibe.

‘Forever And A Day’ By Garth Adam

“Tell Me One Thing” is a more peppy rocker with a fun feel to it. Garth Adam delivers a happy and positive taste in his lyrical delivery here. The sounds set the tone for a relaxing listen of joy and peace. The EP closes with a perfect send off on “Forever And A Day.” The warmth of the studio really shines here as the speakers feel full without the need for any extra studio tricks or modern recording conveniences. A smooth guitar solo shows off some more talent that I did not see coming. 

At only 3 songs the Say You’ll Come With Me left us wanting more, But at the pace of Garth Adam, I doubt we will be waiting long for more great music.

Keep up with past songs and future ones on his SOUNDCLOUD.

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