Interstate Drive are between the present and future for their new single “Half Alive”

Interstate Drive

Interstate Drive has developed a reputation for creating music that perfectly balances their style of driving rock with emotive lyrics. A combination that has continued to impress with songs such as “Invented”, “Open Your Eyes”, and the outstanding “All I Ever See Is You”. Now, Cameron Davidson (guitars, piano, vocals), Andy Syson (drums), and Chris Griffiths (bass) are ready to give us some more with their latest single, “Half Alive”.

They have described the sound of “Half Alive” as “an adrenaline-fueled explosion of sound. Combining the intricate melodies of Mallory Knox and the audacious guitar-driven hooks of Biffy Clyro. As well as the undeniable energy of The Killers”. As for its story, they have moulded their words to talk about the “emotional complexities of feeling caught between two worlds. Torn between the shackles of the present and the hope for the future”. Going off the calibre of their music so far, it should be another must-hear moment by Interstate Drive.

A song that is “an adrenaline-fueled explosion of sound, combining intricate melodies and audacious guitar-driven hooks”. If must be the latest track “Half Alive” by Interstate Drive,

It opens up with the trio creating an introduction to grab your attention. Syson’s drums set the tempo with his infectious beat, with the guitar and bass in support. It does not take long for the story to begin with “We wanted to face up to the sky / And head back to be amongst the stars”. Davidson effortlessly delivers these words in a way that fits its anthemic soundtrack.

As the hook approaches, you are compelled to sing along with the repeated lines, “You’re one in a million / We’re only half alive”. They may be simple, but their design makes the listener and live crowds join in with the band. Like all of their songs before, these guys know how to create a chorus that compels you to sing along. As a bonus, “Half Alive” treats you to a  short guitar solo after each chorus.

Compared to their other tracks, “Half Alive” may not be as deep with its lyrics. However, the killer hook and its soundtrack tick all the right boxes. So does its message, perfectly summed up by the lines, “Breathe in the days where you will slowly lose your mind / With pictures of how we should be / I want to get out to a place where dreams are alive / And hope is all that we can see”. All these elements perfectly combine to create another must-hear dose of anthemic rock by Interstate Drive. 

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