Roger Street Friedman Give Us ‘Love Hope Trust’

Roger Street Friedman

As people in this world we all see the issues of the day. A songwriter has the ability to pour out thoughts and opinions on these problems with a sense of freedom. Sharing ideas in music can allow the listener to absorb the ideas or simply enjoy the tune. Our recent discovery Roger Street Friedman has found a way to put his social consciousness into his new EP Love Hope Trust.

The Long Island, NY based artist has been known for quite a while in the folk-rock/Americana scene. As the songwriting skills of Roger Street Friedman grew, he was able to dive deeper into the current climate of the world.  He says “I am a news junkie and what’s going on in the world freaks me out like most of us.” The idea of the new EP is to highlight how we can all overcome our differences and be better together.

Through the 6 songs on the Love Hope Trust EP, Roger Street Friedman encompasses a myriad of concerns, fears, joys and sorrows from the perspective of age and gratitude. The opener “Thankful For This Day” starts us off with a feel-good song delivered with real emotion. There seems to be true thanks coming through the vocals. 

‘Love Hope Trust’ by Roger Street Friedman

Title track “Love Hope Trust” picks up the pace with an almost rockabilly feel. Roger Street Friedman shares his real thoughts in the lyrics even if they may be divisive at times. The bouncy beat keeps it all fun as it rollicks along. Piano leads the way on “I Want Her To Know” with an elegant and stripped down vibe. The vocal delivery is pure emotion. You can feel the feelings that Roger is singing about and relate to it all. 

Some not-so-proud history is shared on “The Ghosts Of Sugarland.” Some southern country influence can be heard but with a Bob Dylan folk realism. The pep of the track creates a happy feel but the shame of post-Civil War racism is right up front if you listen. The record closes with “Vapor In The Air” showing off some Latin flair and the versatility of Roger Street Friedman. New sounds are introduced but emotion remains constant. There is always a string that runs through his songs allowing us to share in his stories. 

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