THUNDERCLAP! Shares ‘Strange Songs For Strange Times’

The self-taught singer/songwriter THUNDERCLAP is a captivating artistic force. The one-man band has made a name for himself through his bold approach to music, whether it be taking stages across the world alone or mastering various instruments, genres, and lyrical content. His newest project is entitled Strange Songs For Strange Times, featuring narration from the venerable radio host George Noory. This project is topical, but also quirky and engaging for new listeners of THUNDERCLAP.

Strange Songs For Strange Times begins with “Epidemication,” a frenetic journey through THUNDERCLAP’s headspace. This song is unencumbered by any filter as the stream-of-consciousness style of writing lets the lyrics twist and turn through the winding track. Strummed guitar and pounding percussion set the rhythm, but the song eschews formal structure over the over eight-minute long journey that introduces the album.

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“The Before Times” serves as a transition to the next song. A soundscape of bustling noise sets the stage for the dry comedic narration by George Noory, whom listeners may recognize from the radio program Coast to Coast AM. “There’ll Be No Dancing” sarcastically utilizes a poppy clap for percussion. THUNDERCLAP muses about difficulties in finding the perfect sound, complete with offhand quips. He revels in the character found in the rough, unrefined nature of his music.

“Monster of Speed” follows another transitional skit with George Noory. The song is built off THUNDERCLAP’s folksy riffing on the guitar, with other instruments wound around the foundation of the track. The next sound “Plain Eclipse Of The Snake” is similarly based around the guitar. This track taking a more rock-leaning approach to the riffs. Both tracks highlight his almost rambling approach to lyricism on Strange Songs For Strange Times.

“A Cinematic Prayer” shows off THUNDERCLAP’s ability to create grand compositions. Rejecting the previous humble approach to songwriting, this song starts off with intriguing percussion that leads the listener into chorus. The song explodes into decadent layers of sounds before unheard on the album as THUNDERCLAP sings in a triumphant tone.

THUNDERCLAP displays prowess on the piano on songs like “We All Lose Someone Sometimes” and “An Afterthought.” The former is an upbeat ballad, the jaunty chords complimenting. THUNDERCLAP’s exaggerated vocal style. The latter is a short piece, almost spoken-word over emotional piano.

Strange Songs For Strange Times closes off on the ethereal folk-rock romp of “Be Resurrected Tonight,” and the ambient contemplation of “The Silver Lining.” The album comes to its conclusion with a humble ending. If you are interested in THUNDERCLAP’s Strange Songs For Strange Times, listen to the album when it releases on August 20th. Many more of his unique and quirky songs await.


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