MetronOhm Won’t Leave You “Without Without”

Los Angeles up-and-comer’s MetronOhmhave been diligently working the DIY space within the city, ready to make an impression on the industry. Combining elements of soul, pop, and funk, MetronOhm bends genres to create a new listening experience.

Recently, the trio worked together to create “Without Without” a single that was completely produced by the band themselves, the first time the act has done that. The trio had been working to acquire the right gear, knowledge, and confidence to pull off producing their own music and all of their efforts paid off. Over the course of several weeks the song took on many changes, but the band is elated with the outcome. With each member providing a crucial element to the song’s creation, “Without Without” is nothing short of the true essence of who MetronOhm is as a band.

“Without Without” is hauntingly beautiful, using hypnotic vocals to create a dream-scape for listeners. Vocalist Annabelle Maginnis uses the depth of her voice to slowly pull you through the song and weave you around the whimsicality of the instrumentation. Stratocaster guitar riffs catch your attention, but what really leaves you stunned is the NS WAV-5 electric violin that comes in at the end and ties the song together.

“How you gonna dream if you can’t even sleep?” 

The song is about being tired in every sense of the word, when writing the song member, Hunter Craig recalls feeling emotionally spent. “I feel like the chord progression I wrote for the outro doesn’t quite resolve and instead keeps entering itself again and again. Reminds me of being caught in rut.”

I feel considerably better now than when this song was being created. Upon hearing it now, I remember feeling validated by my bandmates feeling the way I did. It was easier to accept that I was tired and needed some rest. I’d like listeners going through a rough time will feel that same validation.

The hauntingly rich vocal harmonies that carry you through the chorus and remind you of the overwhelming sense of tired within “Without Without.” Creating can become nearly impossible when feeling exasperated, and it’s important to regain yourself in those moments. Its chorus asks “What’s within without without?” challenging us all to reflect on what we already have internally and reject feelings of inadequacy that hold us back. 

When Indie Band Guru asked MetronOhm how they dealt with emotional fatigue they stated “I do my best to identify the emotions that are overwhelming me and where or what those feeling are coming from. Then it’s a matter of speaking to the right friend, taking the right amount of space, and having some time to reflect and process those feelings.”

Luckily MetronOhm are at a place where they’re feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the remainder of the year. Next month they’re set to release another single titled “Make It Last” along with a music video, but that’s not it for the trio. 2019 has them set up to expand their presence on social media and continue creating and sharing content for fans to explore. You can keep in touch with MetronOhm via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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