MIEARS goes solo with “Who Will Save You”

Who Will Save You MIEARS Album Cover

Front women from the Houston-based electronica trio BLSHS, Michelle Miears, has released her debut EP titled “Who Will Save You” to launch her solo project MIEARS.

“Who Will Save You” is an emotionally driven narrative, exploring the compulsive and cyclical nature of relationships. The EP was written, produced, performed, and recorded by only MIEARS. The DIY take on melancholy pop is complete with ethereal melodies and synthesizers.

The six song EP opens with “Directional.” While MIEARS keeps the song simple, it packs a very emotional punch. “Directional” shares an emotional plea as someone caught in a depression is searching for a friendly light at the end of the tunnel. With an 80s-esque beat the chorus “I’ll be your directional” is sure to ring through your head for days.

Continuing with the electro-pop vibe, “Reaching” holds almost a video game fight scene sound. MIEARS captivates you with the raw emotion in her voice and insanely high notes. When the bass finally drops, the tempo picks up slightly and MIEARS’ intense vocals grab you attention. “Reaching” describes someone who was once close,but now is far away- you still care about them, but don’t have that promise that they will let you in.

The title track, “Who WIll Save You,” explores a theme of abandonment and confusion. The longest song on the EP clocks in at nearly five and a half minutes. While it has many vocal layers, MIEARS voice makes it intriguing to listen to as the instrumentation is simple- drums and synth are really the only identifiable parts outside of the vocals. “Who Will Save You”” displays the more overarching theme for the EP, the hurt and broken long to be saved, but it’s more of those who do the hurting are the ones that need to be saved more.

“Echoes” is more synth heavy than any other song on the album. The track explores the blunt and raw response to rejection.

The perfect breakup song for when he never appreciated you is “He Never Loved Me.” MIEARS explains the feeling of rejection and insecurity after the breakup. “Said I’d always love you, but it was never enough,” echoes throughout the entirety of the track, driving home the feeling of brokenness after the breakup.

The final song on the album is “Cycle.” The slow jam provides a satisfying end to the raw emotion in all six tracks.

MIEARS journey started with a question when work slowed after BLSHS debut album. She did not expect to end up with a solo project, but it’s working well for her.

“Who Will Save You” is a great opening to what MIEARS can do as an individual. Be sure to follow MIEARS on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as her solo journey continues.