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Mike Scully

There are many reasons an artist first gets into music.  One that comes up more often than most though is to escape the reality of their life.  Even if just for a moment, the time spent fiddling with an instrument and creating something new will always take you to another place.  As you mature it can become more personal as you pour emotion into your music.  This is when it all falls into place.  This seems to have happened for our recent discovery Mike Scully.

The singer-songwriter from California discovered at a young age that music could be his momentary escape from reality. Then when Mike Scully had the chance to play for other people and could witness the emotions in them, he was hooked.

The Music Of Mike Scully Bleeds With Emotion 

More recently he began using his music as a coping mechanism as well.  This would change his writing style from crazy made-up stories to raw, vulnerable, and personal communications with the listener.  This grabbed such a positive response that Mike Scully took the big leap and decided music would be his career.  Having this type of passion for something can only lead to success.



A great example of Mike’s new personal style is the song “Selfless Love (For My Beautiful Wife)”.  The elegantly played acoustic guitar draws the listener in close like he is performing only for you.  The lyrics pour all his emotions right into the open for all to hear.  There is no hidden shame here, only real feelings.  

Walk right into Mike Scully’s world at: http://www.mikescullymusic.com/

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