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Anxious Houseguest

Music has been used as an escape since the beginning of time.  Sometimes it is the listener who uses the songs to seek solace.  Many people forget the fact that these songs were written as a way for the artist to escape the world around him, even if just for a little while.  The music of Anxious Houseguest is a great example of this.

The project is the musical outlet for Portland, Oregon-based musician Kris Savitski.  It all seem to begin when he was a part of a band back in 2014 that picked up from a rundown house on the East Coast before moving to Portland on a whim.  The band didn’t work out and the mental anxiety began.  Now based in a new town far from home, isolation crept in as well.  Some of this was self-imposed as Kris started to pull back from the outside world.

This is where much of the influence for Anxious Houseguest music came to be.  Much of the writing process was experimentation and learning, both in production and songwriting.

“I’d always been the person who had emotions bubbling up which I needed to express, but struggled particularly with finding the words and organizing my ideas” Kris Savitski says.  Learning production skills came easier than writing for him but constantly pushing forward has developed his music into something quite original.


This has resulted in a full length record by Anxious Houseguest to bring this sound to the masses.  The album is titled Second Guessing Everything.  The lead single “Outerspace” sets the tone very well.  There is a dream pop element to the mellow style but also a post-punk feel, especially in the vocals.  Interesting melodies come in from different angles to blend into the soundscape and paint a full picture.  The lyrics seem to blur the line between dark and the promise of coming light.  

You can dive deeper into the Anxious Houseguest mind and sound at:

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