Jenny Broke the WIndow is Breaking Out with ‘Feels Good’

Jenny Broke the Window

Australia seems to be leading the world in the innovation of new music. From Dylanesque songwriter and snark-master Courtney Barnett to neopsychedelic band Tame Impala, the land down under has been turning out some truly impressive and creative musicians. Riding this wave of success is Sydney-based band Jenny Broke the Window, who just released their second EP, Feels Good.

Jenny Broke the Window: Musical Explorers

The EP, featuring the band’s single release, “Airport Love,” (which also has its own music video), is primarily an exploration of the rising genre of alt-pop. Their blend of electronica and soft-rock instrumentation is reminiscent of recently famous groups like the 1975. And yet, Jenny Broke the Window seems to maintain in its style something truly new and unique.

Feels Good starts off with “Skinny Dip,” with an electronic, slightly retro-sounding intro. It transitions quickly into a more energetic track with echoing, harmonic vocals, and towards the middle, gets heavily psychedelic. “Bleachers” more resembles an upbeat alternative rock style, with lyrics expressing intense longing: “I want you more than anyone has wanted me.”

“Black Skeleton” is perhaps one of the more passionate pieces on the track, with a very steady and upbeat rhythm and real, deep and powerful feeling that drives the song. “Number 1’s” has a frustrated passion to it, which is characteristically energetic, but in a totally different way. The tone seems to change slightly towards the end, though, when it closes on a grandiose, somewhat nostalgic finale.

We fully expect bands from Australia to keep turning out great artists like the members of Jenny Broke the Window. Furthermore, we fully expect great work to come from Jenny Broke the Window specifically. True talent such as theirs is hard to come by, and, simply put, we want more. There are genres to be explored, albums to be produced, and newfound fans to be pleased.

Stream Feels Good now on SoundCloud or purchase on iTunes.

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