Cereus Bright Crowdfunding Gives Fans Special Material For New Album

Cereus Bright

This time, there’s no excuses.

Cereus Bright is an extremely talented indie folk band out of Knoxville, TN and their first full length album is headed your way. The duo wields their harmonic precision like the last knights defending the final breaths of truly pure music. Pay one quick visit to the band’s Souncloud and it becomes very clear that they create their music organically and it’s rooted in an earnest love for good music.

Their funding tactic is flawless; the band is allowing fans to pre-order their hot new album Excuses much earlier than it’s original release date, so the fans can directly interact with them. Doing the pre-order through Pledgemusic allows for fans to download new songs, videos and other exclusive content before anyone else can get their hands on it.

Essentially, Cereus Bright is letting you know that they love what they do and, above all else, they love every beautiful soul who supports them doing it. Let’s hope you’re one of ‘em.

Cereus Bright: Dedicated to Devotion

For a little over a year, Cereus Bright has been working tirelessly to finish Excuses.

They’ve spent countless hours writing, recording, and mastering each piece to ensure that the project is every bit as enjoyable as you could ever expect.

They’ve shown us a bit of their past work and I loveit.

When you hear songs like “American Dream” and “River Run,” you’ll instantly realize that this is no everyday indie group. It just sounds like a group of guys who are genuinely enveloped in their music and on a constant search for improvement. The duo doesn’t necessarily lean on their vocalism but rather they ride it like a speeding locomotive, constantly adding passengers and spreading a bit of joy to all passersby on their journey.

Well Worth the Wait

Excuses will be Cereus Bright’s first full length album and they’re making sure it’s done just right.

They released their first EP Goldmine back in 2012 so it’s high time they gave us something new. They’ve spent the past few years exploring new sounds and perfecting their craft so there’s just no way this new album will be anything less than exemplary.

We truly believe in the band’s ability to tell a story and keep you nodding your head while doing it. Most importantly, Cereus Bright has made the conscious decision to stay true to a very pure style of music, and that’s worthy of more appreciation than we could ever give.

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