With the freedom for bands today to release music independently without the structure of a record label the genres have grown exponentially.  Where we used to say something was alternative is now such a broad statement that it really gives you no idea what it will sound like.  Our latest “alternative” find Modern Tribes brings another fun sound to the genre.

Modern Tribes

The group from Seattle, Washington is made up of 4 guys aged 17 to 21.  Their young age is a surprise when you hear their music that brings in some interesting influences from the Jazz and Classic Rock genres without really touching the Grunge sound that Seattle will forever be associated with.

We recently had the chance to listen to some of Modern Tribes newest music.  We can see why their fanbase has been growing by offering a very danceable style of music.  The first track “All Night”  will take you back to a groovy time when songs were meant to make your body move.  Toes will be tapping wherever this is played.  On “Stop” the bouncy beat will grab you right away and then Evan Rendes’ vocals will bring you into his sultry world.  The classic rock influence is heard prominently on “Live In The Moment” especially in the crunching guitar.  The build up makes the song have an almost epic sound that could be heard in an arena.  Keep an eye on Modern Tribes at: http://moderntribesmusic.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/moderntribesmusic/

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