Molly Jenson Says ‘Goodbye’ To Negative Energy

Southern California singer/songwriter Molly Jenson recently released her newest album Goodbye. This sophomore album is rooted in the idea of “saying “goodbye” to the things and relationships that no longer serve us.” 

Molly Jenson first released her music to the world back in 2005 with her debut album Maybe Tomorrow where she worked with producer and musician Greg Laswell. Their professional and musical relationship works so well that they continued to work together for this album too. 

Opening track “Goodbye” brings light to a more eclectic and slightly darker sound that completely draws the listener in. The song has great structure and thought, and also does a great job of building anticipation in both the energy of the song and the vocal performance. Despite all this, I do think it took a little too long to get to the chorus of the song and the song itself felt longer than it needed to be, especially when it felt like nothing new was being introduced to the song. 

“You Did Your Best” comes across very ethereal and celestial-like which is pretty indicative of the rest of the songs to come/ This song also highlights the sweet tone that she has that brings her voice to life. 

The next song “You Think You Were The Only One” changes things up with more of an 80s synthy feel to brighten up the album. I think this is where we start to see an edgier side to Molly Jenson that we hadn’t seen before. She also recently shared her accompanying music video to this new track below!

Building up some serious momentum is her next track “How Dare You.” This song felt the most complete and filled out of the album and added a ton of dimension, depth, and perspective to her as a songwriter and musician, even if the song ran a little long. “I Want to Hate You” has infectious energy with serious and raw emotion. Yet again, we are seeing another side: a vulnerable and intense side of Molly Jensen that we haven’t heard. 

“Unbroken” has a very strong string arrangement paired beautifully with a very intense vocal melody that really makes the song rise to the top. Her lyrical story is also right where it needs to be, and continues my opinion of just how strong of a songwriter she is. This next track takes the cake for my favorite song on the album. “Help Me Love” is extremely vulnerable and intimate and really drives her talent home. This cinematic and intriguing track is truly special and is hands down the highlight and centerpiece of the album!

This album has a little bit of everything for listeners. It has those fun and eccentric song with energetic beats while also showcasing a softer and more stripped-down side to her. Be sure to listen to this new album out on all platforms! 

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