‘We’re Not Kidding Around’ with Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers

We’re Not Kidding Around

This last year of lockdowns has hit everyone hard, especially the kids. The lack of interaction and new discoveries has caused some child development to suffer. Many musicians were locked up with free time on their hands as well. So our friend Frank Migliorelli made some things happen and has found a piece of the solution with his newest record We’re Not Kidding Around and the companion website MusicKideos

With NYC based Frank Migliorelli and his band the Dirt Nappers on a forced break from touring, ideas began to bubble up. The idea to record a bunch of songs inspired by great children’s books has been in his head for a while. A pandemic hitting provided the time to pursue it a little more. Frank first called The Dirt Nappers and they were in. But it did not stop there. Charlie Giordano and Soozie Tyrell of Bruce Springsteen’s band were on board too. Even drummer/vocalist Porter Carroll, Jr. (Atlantic Starr, Hall and Oates) and fiddle player extraordinaire Tania Elizabeth from the Avett Brothers joined in. This was going to be a pretty damn good record.

On September 15th, Frank Migliorelli and the (expanded) Dirt Nappers released We’re Not Kidding Around. The 8 track record includes musical tributes to classics like Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel, Flat Stanley, and Harry the Dirty Dog as well as some newer books” so as not to fall into ‘classic rock’ mode,” says Frank. 

The album opens with one of my personal favorite books “Where The Wild Things Are”. The smooth mesh of instrumentation partnered with Frank’s fun and comforting vocal delivery makes for a great track. As the keyboards open up “Hey! Mike Mulligan” we know the fun will continue. A cool bassline moves the song forward perfectly. This is a catchy one. Good luck not singing along to the chorus, lol

Dance Along to We’re Not Kidding Around

For “Harry The Dirty Dog” Porter Carroll, Jr takes over on vocals. The bouncy beat brings a smile on all faces. This could absolutely be the theme song if a TV program is ever conceived.  We go in a more Country-Americana direction with “Flat Stanley” with Soozie Tyrell at the microphone. The fiddle adds another element for the kids, and adults to get hooked on.

We’re Not Kidding Around ends with the bluesy rocker “Go Dog Go!”. The rhythm section leads the way here with a groove that will get us all dancing. Multiple band members take their turn on a solo that shows just how good they all are. This is kids music made for everyone who loves music.

In addition to the collection of songs, a companion website was launched that highlights activities, features music videos, and resources for kids and parents to explore. The site went live September 15 and will be accessed through www.musickideos.com.

Come join in the fun for all.

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