Molly Moore Shares Positivity With “Handsomer”

The newest music video you need to check out is “Handsomer”. Molly Moore is a pop-singer, songwriter, and producer. She has in the past collaborated with Steve Aoki, EXO, and Jesse McCartney. Her latest release with Maty Noyes is a relatable, reminder that you would want to hear from your BFFS. This post breakup anthem centres around the negative emotions felt at the end of a relationship. More importantly it talks about how to get past them. Most people can relate to these feelings, and most people would agree that music is a good outlet to relate to and to escape in.

“Handsomer” is a poppy, upbeat song with catchy lyrics. The music video is nostalgic, seeing a group of friends playing board games and wearing outfits reminiscent of the 90s. Bright, colourful, and fun, the song and video will surely evoke positive feelings. Overall, this song says get over your ex, stop checking each other’s socials, and remember that you are whole on your own.

“Since the essence of the song is about self-worth, empowerment, not needing anybody else to feel complete, we wanted to paint that image while still making people laugh,” Molly Shares

The music video for Handsomer was shot at the duo’s home in Los Angeles. It was directed and produced by Dillon Petrillo and Brittany Freece. The cast of characters is made up of Molly and Maty’s friends. The duo themselves play “superheroes of self-love” who come in to save the day. The video sees them bursting through the door to remind our main characters that they are better than the guys getting them down.

The Video…

“It’s easy to get caught up when someone is not treating you right but it’s amazing what can happen when we come together, lift each other up, and focus on ourselves rather than stressing about people who don’t appreciate us,” Maty says

Final Thoughts…

Molly’s album “Voice On The Internet” will be out in November. Along with “Handsomer”, it will also feature previously released singles IRL,” “I love you but I don’t like you,” and Be Here Now.” This album is Molly’s ode to self discovery and the journey she has been on. I think that there is much more to come, and we should all be paying attention.

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