Building up a fanbase will always be the most important thing for an artist trying to break through in the music industry.  It is not always about the music but also must be about connecting with these potential fans and making them want more.  We recently came across Mr. Candy Kane who seems to have the right idea in self promotion.

Candy Kane

The Dallas, Texas native has developed his own take on the hip hop and R&B genres that truly stands out.  Mr. Candy Kane wants to use his music as a way of encouraging people who may be in the midst of struggles.  This relatability has been attracting fans in droves as he connects with their deepest feelings.  Playing as many shows as he could in Dallas has helped the word spread.  Now he is ready to start the expansion through radio, social media, and more live performances.  

Mr. Candy Kane is about to release his debut single, “Mr. Candy Kane”, in January 2016 from his much anticipated album Candy Store, which will be released in Spring of 2016.  Indie Band Guru was able to get an advanced listen.  The track opens with an atmospheric beat broken up by some very distorted auto-tune vocals.  When Mr. Candy Kane’s flow comes in you can feel the talent right off the bat.  The groove created relaxes the mind so the listener can focus on the deep lyrics.  There is emotion to be shared here.  Get in front of this rising star at: 

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