As more and more options open up for placement of independent music many artists have been able to make successful careers out of getting their music out there even without the fame and name recognition of a pop star.  Our recent find Phillip Presswood has found his niche and been churning out music ever since.

Phillip Presswood

The Houston, Texas native discovered a musical talent at a young age and was playing piano by age four.  Before Phillip was a teen he was already composing orchestral works.  He continued diving full force into his music spending much time researching and learning various sound synthesis methods, including MIDI, sampling, and hard disk recording.  All this has enabled Phillip Presswood to develop a complex musical style that is all his own.  Rich instrumentation, multi-layered vocals, and innovative engineering have set him apart from the rest.

Getting ready for a November release is Phillip Presswood’s new album Love: The Fifth Season.  The album is a 3 CD box set that includes 30 original songs ranging from pop/rock and dream pop to electronica and classical celtic.  Indie Band Guru was able to secure an advance listen.  Right from the opening song “Catch The Rain” you can see the work that goes into this music.  There are multiple layers blending together to form one cohesive and quite pretty unit.  The influence of Enya can be heard in the New Age “Fly!”.  The mesmerizing melody is awash in atmospheric sounds that create an aura of relaxation to ease any soul.  Phillip Presswood can produce more in your face music as well as heard on “Dance Of The Faeries”.  The bass tones create a strong start that meld with multiple melodies to take the listener in any drection that they see fit.  There are some impressive vocal deliveries on “Before The Sunrise” showing an even wider array of talent.  Beauty runs deep throughout the album.  It continues to the closing instrumental version of “The Wintertide Light”.  The atmospheric layers build a tapestry of sound that creates a warm yet spacious feel.  Discover more about Phillip Presswood at: 

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