Get on your “N.Y.S.” with Mr. Lewis’ upbeat sound

Mr. Lewis

Every time I hear a new, unique sound coming from an artist, I never get over the sense of freshness that comes from it. Today, we hear so many artists that sound alike, so hearing something new really gives you more of an appreciation for the music industry.

Mr. Lewis is a Queens, NYC based artist singer-songwriter that masters the art of unique compositions. First inspired by his father’s knowledge of the classical piano style along with his experience as a Master Engineer at Motown Records, it’s easy to say that musical knowledge runs in his blood. His music is a self-proclaimed sound of “fusion-infused rock, soul, and blues” which is portrayed through his new single “N.Y.S.”

Right off the bat, the sound is not at all something that I was expecting. It’s a very interesting blend of punk rock and a slight hip-hop sound that blends together really nicely. A very upbeat tempo makes it sound like something that would be a perfect addition to a skateboarding video game. As you can tell throughout the entire track, he’s “on his New York shit,” definitely showing a lot of respect to his home city.

The background sound greatly resembles a very classical orchestra that’s at hyper speed, which could certainly be a nod to his childhood memories. I’d say that combining this within a song that is extremely high tempo was a very nice move that music lovers would definitely catch. The song stays quite similar throughout, never losing its power as it really just gets you head banging along to the beat.

Overall, I’d have to say that Mr. Lewis creates a sound that is completely unlike most that you’ve heard. Given the uniqueness that is New York City, matched by the lyrics of “N.Y.S.,” there is much homage paid to the Big Apple.

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