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Ellis Hadlock

Music is meant to create emotions within the person who is listening to it.  When a song is well written it does not need lyrics to lead the listener but instead can create these necessary feelings with just the use of instrumentals.  Ellis Hadlock has been doing this for quite some time.

The native of Van Nuys, California aims to create expressive, beautiful, and innovative music with a wide array of instruments.  Ellis Hadlock does not consider himself stuck within any particular genre.  His songs have spanned from ambient to rock, relaxing to upbeat.  This freedom of styles has allowed Ellis to churn out a great deal of music.  To date he has released 11 albums of instrumental music with titles such as Free As A Butterfly, Above The Clouds, and Light in The Haze.  The sounds of Ellis Hadlock have picked up airplay internationally from Germany to Australia to the United States.

Enter The Mesmerizing World of Ellis Hadlock

The latest album from Ellis Hadlock is called Touch The Sunlight.  The 7 track record is a fully immersive experience that takes you for a ride.  The opener “Never Said To The Sunrise” creates a warm atmospheric sound that builds throughout the song allowing elegant rises and falls.  The title track “Touch The Sunlight” is a very pretty song that stays mellow yet takes the mind through a relaxing journey through itself.  An impressive music video was created to add another element to the sound.  Enjoy it here:



On “Place Of Serenity” the title lets you know what you are in store for.  Everyone needs to reach this location sometimes.  The record closes with “Beyond The Sun”.  This is perhaps the most imaginative song of them all, with interesting noises blending together in a stream of layers to really warp your mindset.  It is like taking an exploration of space for yourself.  


Find out more about Ellis Hadlock at: https://www.reverbnation.com/ellishadlock


You can purchase Touch The Sunlight at:



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