Having an interesting and varied upbringing can be a great catalyst for a musician.  The different local scenes that they are exposed to as well as the life stories they accumulate will become a major influence in developing an original sound.  Our recent find MT MotherlandBoy has seen a lot and is more than willing to share it in his music.

MT MotherlandBoy

The talented Hip Hop artist was born in Paris, France, grew up in Bamako, Mali, and matured in Atlanta, Georgia.  The love of music started for MT MotherlandBoy at the age of 12 when he formed his first group with some childhood friends.  His rhymes at the time were all in French as that was his native language.  His time in Mali, one of the poorest countries on the planet, gained him some real world experience into hardship and struggle.  After moving to Atlanta, Georgia and enrolling in college his passion for Hip Hop renewed and he had many stories to tell.  MT MotherlandBoy appeared on many mixtapes and now is ready to be his own star.

This past month he dropped his first true album The Ambassador’s Bridge.  The 13 track record dives deep into his life story in multiple languages.  The opener “Who’s With Ya” sets up the story with a tapping beat coupled with a slow moving organ groove.  There is more of a euro dance feel on “Sans Les Femmes” as the sounds move quickly making your body want to move.  The hook is very catchy and will stick in your head even if it is not in your native tongue.  An elegant music and vocal show up on “M.A.L.I.” as MT MotherlandBoy speaks about his life and what he hopes for the future.  This is not your standard hip hop track, true originality here.  The album closes with a real club banger in “Take It To Heaven”.  Another beat that will get your head bopping and a flow that will get you to think.  

Keep up with more at: http://www.motherlandboy.com/

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