Any band that is worth their salt must be willing to constantly be evolving to find a sound that is all their own.  Many bands can’t handle this kind of stress and break up due to irreconcilable differences and directions.  Our latest find Mudpusher has pushed through and has found their own style.


The hard metal band from Sweden formed back in 2008 when the members were playing under the name Coffin Crawler.  What started as mainly a doom and death metal band has grown to include many other influences to call their own.  The rhythmic sounds of nu-metal bands like KoRn, Fear Factory and Soulfly became some of Mudpusher’s favorites and pushed the group in the right direction.

The band just keeps pushing forward and has recently released the single/mini EP Sacrilege.  The mini record includes multiple versions of the single “Sacrilege” as well as the B-side track “World Destroyer”.  The strong and powerful sound is there right away.  There seems to be all the good pieces of many different versions of metal mashed into one promising product.  Whether it is the prettiness of the music and vocals of Kimberly Nordqvist on the acoustic version or the in your face rage of the lead track, there is something here.  Keep up with Mudpusher and their epic sound at:

You can stream the new mini EP HERE


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