Want to get along with some grooving music?? Here is another towering band that caught our ear : Thorn Blind. The alternative rock band Thorn Blind is based in Dallas, Texas and until now, has entirely lived up to the musical expectation of this lively city. This five-men band together has served some crafty music with the goose bumping progression in their sound.


Thorn Blind was established in 2007 by Kilynn Weber who lead the band with his powerful voice. The blending of accordion with cello and bass by the band relinquish one’s sonic perception. Thorn Blind has been brewing, maybe slow but surely steady, over the last seven years. The band’s naming, inspired from the glorious fairy tale: Rapunzel, depicts the contemplation of the storytelling; the stories of complex emotions and imperfect love. Many of us certainly remember the lover who lost his eyes for the sake of his love from this beautiful story and in the same essence the band seems to maintain the legacy of sacrifice in their music, some for the love and some for this life. Inspired from the american bands like Airborne Toxic Event and The Avett Brothers, Thorn Blind has established itself as progressive, alternative and acoustic rock band on a mission. Some of their numbers, nevertheless, tastes like those of Kings of Leon, the famous alternative rock band. Different artists and the bands out here have taken up the shortcuts of coded music using all those sophisticated digital technologies. However, at the same time, the bands like Thorn Blind, with their gizmos are creating layered acoustic sounds that can shake one’s mind from deep within. “Hating the Night” could be one such masterpiece from Thorn Blind. They, at the same time, have proved their diversity in the composition with the numbers like “Take Me Home to Glenvil”, “Don’t Carry It All” and “True North”. These are just some of the reference numbers by Thorn Blind; every music enthusiasts with the inclination toward alternative and progressive genre should at least go through all the songs by this promising band. Check them out at: www.reverbnation.com/thornblind 

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