Ideas To Help Music Fans Turn A Love Of Music Into A Career

Music Careers

For most people, music is simply a small part of their diverse lives and forms a kind of background soundtrack to their daily lives. 

While they might invest in a Spotify Premium account and get excited when their favourite singer releases a new album, they don’t see it as an overriding passion.

Others, however, are deeply passionate about music. Whether you’re an avid fan of a specific band or artist, or a collector of guitars, you love music more than most. 

Turning this deep passion into a successful and fulfilling career is often easier than you think, as long as you choose the path that’s right for you. Here’s a list of ideas for anyone looking to take their love of music one step further and make it their full-time profession. 

Become A Musician 

Perhaps the most obvious solution, becoming a musician might not be for everyone. Some individuals don’t have the musical talent, or confidence, to perform. For those that do, there’s a myriad of opportunities: from joining a band to performing as a solo artist. If you want to test out your skills and create a demo tape to show your sound to the world, then book space in a recording studio. This upcoming LA studio from Pirate looks set to be one of Los Angeles’ premier production studios, with professional equipment and world-class acoustics. Book a space to allow you to unleash your creativity and start your career as a musician right. 

Write Songs For Other Artists

Not everyone is cut out for performing their own music, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create it for other performers. If you have music knowledge and can read and write in music notation, then you can write songs for bands and artists. You could even edit existing songs to fit the sound of cover bands. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll soon find your services in high demand if you get your name out there and show the music market what you can do. 

Learn To Build Musical Instruments

While some manufacturers of cheap instruments mass produce their solutions using machinery, many brands of luxury musical instruments still make and design their products by hand. The traditional craftsmanship has not died out, and many music fans, collectors and professional players are more than happy to pay a premium for a quality instrument that produces a superior sound. If you want to move into this competitive market, then try to get an apprenticeship or job with a premium brand of the instrument you want to make. Learn their ways and how to produce quality instruments before you either rise through the ranks or start out on your own. 

Organize Festivals And Concerts 

Festivals and concerts are a lucrative part of the music market, with most musicians earning the majority of their income from touring and performing. As such, this is a profitable and exhilarating venture for any dynamic and outgoing music fan. You can start small, by working for a touring company, events management firm or production business, then work your way up to organizing and hosting these incredible events. 

Start A Music Magazine Or Blog

Music fans are always looking to find out the latest news on their favourite artists and bands, as well as read reviews of new releases and albums. If you’re a knowledgeable fan of a particular artist, band, genre or style of music, then you could use your insight to your advantage to create a magazine or blog. Digital magazines and blogs are replacing print publications, but there are still many ways to make money from an online site, including selling advertising space, offering sponsored content and charging a subscription fee to readers. Whatever you choose, you can use your music knowledge to build a respected online brand that readers will flock to when they need information on the music scene. 

Open A Record Store

It’s little surprise to any music fan that vinyl records have surged in popularity over recent years, despite fierce competition from digital downloads and online streaming services. Even CDs still have a place in many music lover’s collections, which is why opening a record store could be a great opportunity for you to showcase your love of music. You can create a selection that highlights the best that the music market has to offer and then open it to the public to browse and buy. Many records stores are much more than just shops; like bookstores, they have a unique way of bringing people together in their shared love of a particular hobby. 

Transforming from a music lover into a successful professional in this diverse industry can be a long journey, but the first step is to find the career option that suits your tastes and personality. Dive into your heart and this list should help you to find the option that’s right for you.

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