Music has entered the Slot Machine Market

Motorhead slot machine

All over the planet, the slot machine market is booming like never before. Gamers from Tokyo to Tulsa are logging onto play some of the most innovative games around!

Without question, the best slot games blend style with functional gameplay and the best of these are often those that use a quality, attractive theme. Perhaps the most popular theme of all is music and it is fair to say that music has entered the slot machine market with the arrival of a bunch of first-class games inspired by rock, rap, and other genres!

Whether you like guitar-shredding or verse-spitting, there is doubtlessly a quality slot machine game out there for you. To find a list of recommended new slot sites, be sure to visit this page.

In this article, we will take a peek at how music has entered the slot machine market by looking into some of the best rock band based slot games out there right now.

The Motorhead slot game

Without question, the Motorhead slot is a top offering that puts the Ace of Spades front and centre. As a deeply beloved tune inspired by the buzz of the casino, many would say it is actually the definitive gambling song!

As a result, the Motorhead slot is a first-rate game ranking with the best in the world. This stunning slot from industry giant Netent includes the band’s image throughout to make this an authentic experience. Throw in top gameplay with wilds, bonuses and more and this slot game is clearly one of the finest music slot machine offerings to enjoy.

Jimi Hendrix slot game

Inspired by someone who many say to be the greatest guitar player of them all, this slot game uses Jimi Hendrix to create what is one of the very best titles around.

Teeming with wilds, free spins, and plenty more, this game is a high-end offering with a stellar RTP. As a result, the Jimi Hendrix slot game is one of the planet’s finest music slot machine games.

One of the best parts of this game is the artwork, with symbols showing Hendrix’s likeness in addition to groovy guitars, vinyl and flowers, the feel of this slot is just as amazing as Jimi Hendrix’s tunes! Add that much of this game is hand-drawn and it’s easy to understand why the slot is adored across the globe.

Of course, the slot game would not be complete without an amazing soundtrack and includes top Hendrix tunes like ‘Foxy Lady’ and ‘Voodoo Child’ in there, a real bonus for any music lovers enjoying this slot machine.

Megadeth slot game

Finally, we come to the Megadeth slot, a great example of how music has entered the slot machine market! Boasting banging music, great graphics and plenty of wilds and specials, it is clear that this is a premier offering. What’s more, the whole band is here, with David Ellefson, Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick, and legendary frontman Dave Mustaine.


It is official, Rock music and Video slot machines are officially intertwined. More and more music based slot machines will be popping up. Keep your eyes out fro one branded with your favorite artist soon.

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