Deadmau5 Enters the World of Online Slots


Deadmau5, one of Canada’s biggest DJ’s has collaborated with Microgaming, a software development company that has developed the slot title based on him. This is a huge deal for both the DJ and the casino industry, as more and more artists are being recognized, allowing for a whole new dimension in themed slot games. The Euro Palace casino app can also add personalized and themed titles in the future as well.

How the Canadian DJ Deadmau5 Was Honored With a Branded Slot

Due to his high level of popularity, Microgaming has teamed up with Deadmau5 in order to make a game themed in his style, which has one of the best soundtracks out of any slot game before it, given the person it is based on. If you want to experience slot games such as this one, you can view the list of the fastest paying casinos in Canada.

Joel Thomas Zimmerman mentioned that he has played in countless casinos throughout his career, so being recognized by one of the biggest casino software developers out there proved to be quite an honor for him, and he is thrilled to have a game of his own. There are also musicians that love to gamble, and as such, entering that world would prove to be an efficient way to gain new fans.

Since he is a DJ, the game features a theme, color scheme, graphics, and an unparalleled soundtrack to truly bring Deadmau5 to life in front of a mobile or computer screen.

Deadmau5 Slot Explained

The first thing you need to know about the slot game is the fact that it is available for play at no charge in a demo mode. If you want to play for real money, that option is also available to you, but you need to sign up for an online casino in order to do so. The game has 243 paylines in 5 reels, and the jackpot is at x250.000 your initial bet.  The game also features multipliers, scatters and wild symbols, which can increase the gameplay experience and overall winnings potential. 

The game has amazing 3D graphics and an RTP of 95.22%, which is solid, and you can learn How to Get Lucky at The Casino as-well. 

Who is Deadmau5 

Deadmau5 is one of the biggest Canadian DJ’s out there, born on January 5th, 1981, his real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman. His name originates from a 2002 internet chat room where he told people that he found a dead mouse in his computer, after which he became known as the dead mouse guy.

The Future of Slots

This is a bold move on the side of Microgaming, as more and more artists and people from other industries can now be implemented within the casino world and potentially have their own slots title in the future. Not only do these games add a bit more personality to the world of slots, but they represent the artists in their full glory, while also allowing their fans to win real money by admiring their idols in the form of a game.

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