Skinny Knowledge Tells Us To ‘Keep Me Out Of It’

Skinny Knowledge

Skinny Knowledge have only been together since 2019. However, their sound feels like they have been together for much longer. Using his experience from previous projects, founding member Andy L Smooth (lead vocals/guitarist) has ensured this gang means business. Before bringing in the talents of  Benjamin Parker (guitar), Fenge Davies (bass), and Mapex and Paiste artist, Charlie Kenny (drums) he already had written their debut Skinny Knowledge LP (set for early 2021 release). With everything coming together, this band were ready to share their “raucous” style of rock.  

Their upcoming album Don’t Turn out The Lights has been influenced by their heroes of the early 90’s grunge and pop-punk scenes. It promises to deliver raw energy within their sound, something similar to the Foo Fighters, Green Day, Nirvana, and Sum 41. The end of 2020 saw the band release a taster of what is to come with their debut single “Imagination”. It’s infectious grungy pop-punk vibe caught people’s attention. 

Now the guys are not planning to lose any momentum by releasing their next single “Keep Me Out Of It”. Smooth says “I co-wrote this song with an old bandmate, Chris Payn. It was weird how the universe lined this one up, actually. I was looking to write a song with a jumping tempo. I swear, the day after I had been thinking about it, Chris sent me a WhatsApp recording of a chorus he wrote, that he thought sounded right up my street. It was EXACTLY the kind of thing I was looking for. So I immediately went to my studio and wrote and recorded the whole song. It came together in about 10 minutes”. It is a track with a simple message of encouraging people to push through the cracks in the world, and not let anything (or anyone) bring you down.

Now, let’s talk about what “Keep Me Out Of It” has to offer. It opens open with some great sounding guitars before the song bursts into action. What makes Skinny Knowledge stand out so much is the energy they give off within their sound. It’s so infectious, and it makes it challenging to keep still while listening. In such a short amount of time, they have been able to develop musical chemistry. In doing so, they ensure they do not fail to grab the listeners attention. 

As for the lyrics and vocals, they are as important as their sound. Smooth delivers an impressive lyrical display with his voice. One side, he uses it to get the song’s message across with lines “I’m done with beating ’round the bush, I’m losing my mind / So if you want the answer, be a chancer, leave it all behind and” which sets things up for the chorus. 

Skinny Knowledge show with ‘Keep Me Out of It’ that their upcoming album will be essential listening.

Talking about the chorus, it will have you singing along before you know it. It’s such an infectious hook with “Keep me out of it / I won’t be losing no sleep / I’m over it / Before I get too deep / In all your sh*t and dirty laundry / I’m bored of your actions, and useless distractions now”. It all comes together to make a song that is essential listening. Not only that, but it raises the expectation for their upcoming album Don’t Turn out The Lights.

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