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How To Write The Perfect Gambling Song

Gambling has a long, noble history of being romanticised by musicians. Every tumble of the dice and flip of the card has been immortalised in song countless times; from Elvis Presley to Kenny Rogers and bluesman B.B. King, there have been numerous attempts to capture the spirit of gambling, although some of them are more

Deadmau5 Enters the World of Online Slots

Deadmau5, one of Canada’s biggest DJ’s has collaborated with Microgaming, a software development company that has developed the slot title based on him. This is a huge deal for both the DJ and the casino industry, as more and more artists are being recognized, allowing for a whole new dimension in themed slot games. The

Top 10 Songs About Gambling

Creative people like musicians have always found a way to reflect the most important things not only in their lives but in other peoples’ lives. These important aspects of life include love, money, health, and even gambling. Whether you are a fan of country music, rock or Hip-hop, there is a betting anthem for you