Take Flight With St. Finnikin ‘Monarch’

Evolution is a true form of art. When an artist can find a way to take their personal growth and blend it with the growth of their music, they can create a truly beautiful masterpiece. That is exactly what St. Finnikin has done with his newest album Monarch

St. Finnikin is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in Nashville, Tennessee. He got his start in music when he partnered with his brother St. Telos on a project called “Teller” in 2015. He went off on his own to create music under the name “L” in 2017, and is currently making music under the name “St. Finnkin”.

Monarch is an 11 track album that features songs “Awaken”, “Monarch”, “Remedy”, “Blood”, “Pentacle”, “Tongue”, “Footprint”, “Agape’, “Unstoppable”, “Royalty” and “Legacy”.

Check Out The “Remedy” Music Video Below:

Each song is a unique instrumental experience which takes you on a calming journey, and is just so perfectly produced. The songs have a heavy use of guitar and background vocals that are reminiscent of his ‘Teller’ days.

One of my favorite things about the album is the amount of feelings that I experience when listening to it. It instantly transports me to a state of serenity.

The album is inspired by his sister Tabatha who he says is the “strongest most magical person I know. She’s everything to me. Every song makes me think about her.” 

St. Finnikin got the name Monarch from the evolution of butterflies. The change and growth of butterflies can be a really beautiful experience to watch, much like the evolution of ourselves.

 He noted “The figure in my dreams that reminds me the most of Spirit is a bunch of Monarchs that move together, land together, swarm together”, which I think is really beautiful. 

“Art is really an equal partnership between the creator and the inspired – 50/50. It is the relationship, not the end product.” I couldn’t agree more with St. Finnikin, and I can definitely say that Monarch is a true piece of art.

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