My Autumn Amor Shows You “Your Life Is A Song”

Los Angeles is the land of hopeful and bright talent, and singer/songwriter Thomas Monroe’s project My Autumn Amor has found their perfect home there. Amassing play time on nearly 120 different college radio stations after releasing their 2018 EP Letters to Brie, My Autumn Amor is showing that hard work and dedication can pay off in the land of dreams.

2020 is seeing further growth for the act, with a 14 song debut album, Your Life Is A Song, set to release February 14th. The album is one of inspiration, encouraging listeners to take their dreams into their own hands. My Autumn Amor hopes to uplift fans into believing in themselves and to live life in the moment with the title track.

“Your Life Is A Song” features Yuki Noda, a talented actress/dancer who met Thomas Monroe at the IVC Performing Arts Center where both played lead rolls in dramatic and musical theatre. The pairing have worked diligently to create a carefree-Pixie’s-esque alt-rock vibe to fit the uplifting message of the song.

A music video was released for “Your Life Is A Song” to perfectly encapsulate all that this collaboration is about. The video features a young girl who is bullied by her peers and rises above her adversary to let her talents shine and prove her bullies wrong. Yuki adds a bubblegum effervescence to the video and song that draws your attention in.

You can find more from My Autumn Amor on Bandcamp!

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