Not all talented artists that make music are out for the fame and fortune.  Sometimes it is just a release to get the music that has been building within their souls out into the world.  A recent example is the artist known as Mysterious Vibes.


The female songstress was born and raised in the thriving music scene that is New Orleans, Louisiana.  Due to her fears of live performing and the heavy stresses of the music industry she decided to release her music anonymously under the moniker Mysterious Vibes.  She uses her mesmerizing voice and minimal musical accompaniment to let the power of the song shine through without technical studio tricks to draw away from true talent.

Two weeks ago Mysterious Vibes released her EP Daddy.  The 4 track record is a great introduction to the vocal skills of this talented singer.  The title track “Daddy” is an elegant ode to the often underappreciated parent who has shaped her.  Her voice shines over a pretty piano melody throughout.  Mysterious Vibes shows a some R&B influence on “You’re The One” and the even peppier “Step”.  By the time the listener gets to the closer “Finish Line” they feel as if a full group of beautiful women has been singing to them and it is time to now get up and dance.  GEt a listen for yourself at:

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