In the ears of many music listeners electronic music has often become ‘background’ music. Enjoyable sounds while something else is front and center taking all the attention away.  Some artists are satisfied with this, happy that their music will seep into the subconscious.  Others such as our recent discovery Undocument, are out to bring their electronic sound to the forefront.


The Electronic/Hip Hop music producer who grew up as Brian Pampaselle brings together a wide array of influences from a family obsessed with music.  Once he decided to take a stab at making music he was hooked.  The passion is obvious as he pours himself into creating music to stand out in front instead of the background.  His style mixes many genres while remaining trance inducing at times.

Undocument’s latest record is the strong Pleasures.  The 18 track album is over an hour of sound to play with your mind and emotions while demanding your attention.  The opening “Elegy” sets a mood of relaxation while still forcing the listener to follow the song to see where it will go next.  The standout song of the album is “This Lullaby (feat. Maqui)”.  The talented vocalist adds another level to the winding beat.  This could be the crossover hit.  On “Pulses” Undocument brings the sound to the dancefloor while still adding an eerie inquisitive feel to the track.  Another song ready for the party is “Slumberous”.  The diverse mix of sounds makes for a full sonic experience while your brain searches for which part to focus on.  Pleasures definitely demands a full listen so as to enjoy the full spectrum of what Undocument can give you.  Go enjoy it for yourself at:


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