Have You Fallen In Love With Nafsica “Lately?”


I’m falling in love, and I don’t ever want to stop.

That’s my first thought when I listen to singer-songwriter and pop artist Nafsica’s new single, “Lately.” The track hits hard, almost too hard. It’s like she took a page out of my diary and translated all the pretty, sparkling emotions of falling in love into the most sensual track.

You know what I’m talking about, right, those beginning stages of falling in love with someone new? The excitement, the nervousness, the epic adventure. This person can do no wrong and you’re looking at them and they’re so beautiful, and so special, and you never knew it was possible to feel something so fucking good. The feeling is euphoric, exhilarating, and it’s possible if you don’t see this person within the next second the Earth just might stop spinning.

“Look in my eyes you realize/ I was falling mad in love/ Cus you were doing everything right/ I can’t get you out of my mind/ No, I don’t wanna let it go.”

Nafsica effortlessly captures this sensation-that intoxicating, addicting high of falling for someone new-and creates the most soothing, and relatable listening experience with “Lately.”

“I’ve waited so long to feel so alive/ I don’t wanna wait another sleepless night/ Lonely, I don’t wanna be so lonely.”

The feeling when together is euphoric, the loneliness when apart is crushing. To be so consumed by another human being is magical and heart breaking all at once, and Nafsica’s depiction of being under another’s spell is too real, and is something to be celebrated.

Nafsica’s passion behind her artistry is clear, and her standout, unique talent radiates through every second of this track.

I’m high on you, Nafsica, and I just want to lie on my bedroom floor and let this track wash all over me forever. 


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