Natalie Jean – Groomed For Pop Success

Natalie Jean

Here is something to be said for having a musical household.  When a child is exposed to music and performing it sticks with them and can build into a real passion and a way to connect with family.  A family that sings together, stays together.  Our recent find Natalie Jean is a perfect example of this.

The talented singer and songwriter is now based in Maryland and DC area.  As a young child, Natalie Jean used to sing along with her father, Guy R. Jean, a famous Haitian artist, in their home.  She most appreciated the words and lyrics and turned to poetry to learn how to truly use them.  The passion for music was strong though and making music would be inevitable.  Her professional career began in April of 2013 when Natalie Jean released her debut album titled Obsession.  What followed was a long list of shows and other performances that led to her getting some great recognition.  The amount of nominations and awards that Natalie has received is too long to list here but her career is definitely on the upswing and picking up speed.  

Multitude Of Awards Has Natalie Jean Gaining Steam

The latest release by Natalie Jean is the song “Looking Back”.  It is a pop track with elements of R&B and dance music sprinkled in to create something different.  The exotic sounds to start the song peak the listener’s attention and then the vocals, sung with true emotion, keep them intrigued.  This creative style of songwriting and production will draw in new fans with each listen.

Learn more and take a listen at:

If you are near the Silver Spring, Maryland area, check out Natalie Jean live at The Urban Winery on May 19th.  

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