Peach Kelli Pop Release Killer EP

Peach Kelli Pop

By Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

Peach Kelli Pop is no stranger to the music industry having been around since 2013, the group has toured the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

An all female quintet, Peach Kelli Pop boasts great tracks and perfectly harmonized vocals. The group gained popularity by nurturing their image of friendship, compassion, and togetherness.

Their latest creation “Hundred Dollar Bill” is the second single from their newest EP, Halloween Mask, which was released last month. At the same time that they released Peach Kelli Pop, they announced an extensive upcoming tour of Northern America.

Peach Kelli Pop Comes Out Swinging

“Hundred Dollar Bill” starts with the clashing of high soprano vocals with the quick changing guitar chords and pounding drums. This action packed opener worked well on sucking me into the sound but it was actually the instrumentation which captured my overall interest.

The vocal harmony between the girls is so strong that it flows and only eggs the instruments on more, as if powering them. Furthermore, because the same tone was used in all singers it made the sound more enchanting and witchy then a normal run of the mill pop sound. I personally loved how the entire duration of the admittedly short song was upbeat and happy rather than having a lot of ups and downs.

Their previous single, “Halloween Mask,” has a totally different vibe, though it remains identifiably a Peach Kelli Pop song. Where “Hundred Dollar Bill” went pop, “Halloween Mask” took a more laid back approach, adopting an almost surf rock-meets-grunge sort of song.

Listening to these songs makes me feel like I am in a music video. The classic pop sound combined with the edgy punk qualities which the women brought to the table was a great hook and I loved it. I am looking forward to hearing the rest of Halloween Mask, as well as delving into Peach Kelli Pop’s previous work.

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