Troy Lindsey – Beautiful Collaboration With Eden Moody

Troy Lindsey

A good songwriter can find inspiration in many situations and experiences.  When that same songwriter is given the opportunity to see the world and all the different cultures it has to offer it opens endless possibilities to open the creative doors and let the musical inspiration flow.  A great example is the life and songs of Troy Lindsey.

The emotional singer-songwriter has been influenced heavily by the world around him.  Fortunately for Troy Lindsey, he works a day job that allows him to end up in random places all over the world.  I never knew sky cranes were so global.  The musical style that Troy puts out to the world is a true blend of country and rock along with his own touch of folk storytelling.  When you have this many stories to tell writing songs can be a phenomenal outlet to share what goes through your mind.  These stories have led to five previous albums with another soon on the way.

Troy Lindsey Finds Wanderlust With More Music

The lead single off this upcoming album is a duet with Eden Moody called “Runners”.  The song begins with an innovative atmospheric sound that sets the tone for an emotional vocal delivery.  The minimal melody lets the mind wander into the story being told and search for a meaning that becomes personal.  Troy Lindsey and Eden Moody sound as if they have been singing together forever perfectly phrasing each other and weaving into one complete feeling.

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